Posted by: neblinoso | September 14, 2009


I went to the hotel gym today, with my training sheet in hand, including some hand drawn diagrams from my trainer so i would remember how to do the exercise.

I scanned the row of dumbbells for my first set, chose what i thought was a 20-pounder and started.  After a few reps, i began to wonder why 20 pounds felt so heavy.  That’s when i looked again at the weight printed on one end and saw the kg notation.   20 kg is actually a little over 40 lbs! 

The same thing happened again when i hopped on the treadmill and discovered that my normal speed was much slower than i remembered.

Thank goodness there’s no metric version of time.  It’s hard enough figuring out what time it is back home, let alone, if i would have to convert minutes to something else.


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