Posted by: neblinoso | September 15, 2009

Breakfast Revelations

Since i was up so early today, i decided to take advantage of the free breakfast buffet.  During this experience i learned three valuable lessons:

1. Closing a hot food tray is harder than it looks.  After selecting a few pieces of bacon, i attempted to close the unusually heavy lid to keep the food warm.  Instead of closing it, however, i ended up pulling the whole tray nearly off the table.  A loud clatter followed as the lid flew shut and tongs fell to the ground, along with some food name tags.  There’s nothing like a loud clanging to get some attention…and help.  Several waiters rushed to my aid as i tried to prevent my plate of food from taking a dive whilst keeping the tray wedged between my hip and the table.  No matter how hard i try to remain invisible, my clumsiness always outs me.

2. Bacon does not taste like bacon.  My initial reaction after biting off a piece was, “is this really bacon?”  Aside from its appearance and oozing grease, it had no similarities to the bacon i’m familiar with in the States.  It had almost no taste at all.  I was a bit disappointed.  Perhaps the bacon is actually healthier this way.  What does America do to make bacon taste so delicious?

3. Never leave without signing a receipt, even if it is free.  Attempts at leaving the breakfast area without doing this will result in several people chasing after you, hands outstretched with pencil and paper.  I imagine celebrities feel like this when fans chase them down for autographs.


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