Posted by: neblinoso | September 15, 2009

Lost in Translation

I knew i would eventually have that lost in translation moment…and i’m sure there are more to come.  I woke up this morning around 5:30 and tried to go back to sleep, but it just wasn’t gonna happen.  I pulled back the curtain and looked at the nearly deserted streets, and i suddenly realized it was happening! 

view from bedroom window

view from bedroom window

I know this film isn’t for everyone, but it spoke volumes to me through its minimalistic portrayal of the lack of communication in various relationships…and how profound even the shortest interactions can seem. 

I’ve always felt i had to go out of my way to get others to understand my ideas, thoughts and emotions.  I don’t think i’m that complicated, but i seem to have a knack for causing confusion.  Perhaps this is an emerging remnant from my past ninja life!  Or maybe people really do understand, and i’m too blind to see.  Maybe i am spending too much time noticing the deserted streets instead of focusing on the one person who’s looking up and waving.



  1. Dear Allison, this is so exciting to see you write!
    I’ve always wanted to hear you tell a story.
    It is great to know that you are taking an opportunity to give me a look at you a little better and learn more about the Philippines too.
    I’m praying for you and am blessed to be your friend with love mama b.

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