Posted by: neblinoso | September 16, 2009

Exotic Beauty

I’ve notice there are tons of white men with Filipino women.  This was also a common occurence in Japan when i was there last year.  In fact, most white men i’ve seen have been accompanied by a native Filipino lady. 

I wonder how these relationships form.  Is it from frequent business trips?  Online dating services?  What does the white man find in these women that they can’t find in their own country?  Is it because women here have a tendency to be less assertive and more attentive than an American girl?  I wonder if some of these relationships are remnants from WW2. 

Prior to my arrival, i was told i would probably be asked for my phone number by many men.  It seems this way in many of the countries i’ve visited.  Perhaps our world should do some gender swapping, as it is common for a foreign man to solicit the white woman, and the white man to solicit a foreign woman.  If we mixed up the countries a bit people wouldn’t have to travel half-way around the globe to find their soul mate.

This is just an observation and not meant to be offensive in any way.  I find it intriguing and am [naturally] curious about this “phenomenon”.


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