Posted by: neblinoso | September 17, 2009

Oh Waiter!

Filipinos are the nicest people i have ever met.  They are always smiling and laughing.  I have yet to see a disgruntled-looking native.  When i enter the hotel, i am greeted by a least 4-6 people before i even get to the elevator!

Granted, this is their job, but you don’t see this kind of friendliness in the states.  If you need assistance, there are helpful people everywhere you look.  Back home it seems like you can’t find anyone to help you, and if you do, they have to go ask someone else to find the answer.

I was awed by how Filipinos make it a point to know their waiter’s name, and then use it whenever they attend to the table.  I appreciate the service industry, but sometimes in the States when you refer to a waiter by name, they think this gives them free range to sit at your table and chat you up.  I just want my drink refilled when it’s empty… i don’t need to know your whole life story. 

It seems so invasive to call your waiter by name when you really don’t know them.  But here, i see that it’s just polite. Maybe we could learn a thing or two from our Filipino friends.



  1. How is the food??? have you tried anything??

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