Posted by: neblinoso | September 18, 2009

Filipino Spongebob

I was channel surfing around 2 AM a few nights ago as i could not fall asleep having taken a nap earlier.  My normal channel surfing custom is to do it with the TV on mute.  I don’t have any real reasoning for this except to not hear commercials.  Anyhoo…i stumbled upon an episode of Spongebob, so i unmuted and to my delight, it wasn’t just Spongebob, it was Filipino Spongebob, talking in Tagalog. 

I quickly grabbed my camera to capture this moment on video and had intentions of posting it here, however, wordpress does not support .avi format.  A friend suggested i post it to YouTube and link it to there, however, YouTube rules state it is strictly prohibited to upload videos of TV shows, which is outright laughable as i’ve watched many television segments on YouTube.  Another option was to find some free conversion software and after days of searching i’m still at square one. 

So, in an effort to abide by YouTube rules, i’m not going to post my video, but after some searching i found there’s already a bunch out there, so please enjoy one of my favs.



  1. Haha, love it!

  2. Yay, I am “a friend…” awesome.

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