Posted by: neblinoso | September 18, 2009

The Ant Army

As i was jotting down blog ideas in the handmade notebook i bought from a local scrapbooking store, i noticed some small movements on my desk.  Upon closer inspection i realized it was a scattering of ants…or at least the Filipino cousin to the ant.  They were very tiny and not as solid as the ants i’m familiar with.  Their bodies were a transparentish golden red color, like watered-down raspberry iced tea.  I began squirshing them with a kleenex, but soon realized, there were too many for me to handle. 

Housekeeping arrived within 10 minutes after my phone call to the front desk.  He was a small, thin man, armed with an insecticide sprayer.  He nodded apologetically and asked if it was okay to come in.  See, there’s that politeness thing again.  What was i going to tell him?  That i’d struck a deal with the ants and we agreed to leave each other alone?  Hell no! Spray those bastards!  He quietly went in the bedroom, wiped off the desk and the internet cable they had used as their staircase, and thoroughly sprayed around the room.

Meanwhile, i relocated to the living room to let him do his work, debating between what was worse….the half-dying ants lying around my room, or the insecticide fumes that now permeate the place i will be sleeping tonight.   After finishing he came into the living room to say he would put in a request to have me moved to another room and what time would i be available tomorrow.  And I was just starting to feel settled-in.

I suppose i needed those ants.  Without them, i was lacking creative thought.  Did they just come for the sake of being immortalized in this blog post, or were they after a crumb left over from my grilled cheese and tomato sandwich?  Who knows, there could be an entire ant army hiding out in the innards of my lappy, waiting for me to carry them to a new territory to conquer.



  1. Addendum: I decided not to switch rooms after all. They already thoroughly sprayed my room and the thought of moving all my stuff exhausts me. Besides, why would i want to go to an another untreated room. At least i feel somewhat bug free here.

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