Posted by: neblinoso | September 19, 2009


I don’t think i’ll be attempting to drive here in Manila.  The driving scene is a little too crazy for me.  Not only does it seem chaotic, but traffic is horrific.  I’m amazed that i haven’t seen an accident yet.  Driving is pretty aggressive, although not in a road rage sense.  You have to get used to people consistently cutting you off and people walking in front of your vehicle.


In order to keep traffic somewhat minimal, “coding” is enforced.  Based on the last number of your license plate, there are certain days you are not allowed to drive between 7AM and 7PM. 

Many people take public transportation, which can often involve several combinations of taxis, buses, and the most common (and cheapest!), jeepneys. 

super hero jeepney

super hero jeepney

I’m very thankful to have a driver, RG, who takes me to and from work and on the occasional excursion.  I would not have had the patience he did to navigate through all the traffic.

On the way home from our excursion today, we saw smoke from a fire in the distance and soon afterwards heard the sounds of a fire truck.  If anyone was in that building, i hope they got out, cuz there was no way that fire truck was getting there in enough time to help.  We learned from local colleagues that the fire squad isn’t really going to make it to your house in time to put out the fire, but comes so they can help prevent the fire from spreading to neighboring establishments.



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