Posted by: neblinoso | September 21, 2009

The Fog

foggy volcano

foggy volcano

I don’t know what it is about fog, but it’s been following me around various countries, prohibiting me to see some of the most sought after sites. 

A  year ago, when i was in China, it prevented me from seeing the Great Wall stretch endlessly over the mountains.  Earlier this summer, when i was in Ireland, it completely blocked out views of the Cliffs of Moher.  Now it has crept to the Philippines and covered the Taal Volcano.  There is an island inside the volcano, so it is an island in a lake within a volcano in a like….or something like that. 

IMG_3304A group from the office had lunch at Josephines, which, sans fog is supposed to have a beautiful view of the volcano.  I tried a few new foods . . . some i liked, some i did not.  Tripe was the one dish i didn’t like, but i at least gave it a try, knowing beforehand that it was cow intestines.  I did, however try a very smooth-licious mango drink and a local ice cream dessert called halo-halo, which translates to mix-mix.  Halo-halo consists of creamy milk poured over shaved ice, mixed with different kinds of beans, jello-like cubes or balls, bananas and whatever else you want to include. 


When i first heard this dessert described to me, i had a hard time believing that beans and milky ice would be a good combination, but my doubts have been obliterated by this tasty ice cream treat.  I made mine with every possible option, including flan, a favorite of Sandra, who was guiding me through the process of my halo-halo creation.

 After lunch we went to a nearby Starbucks in hopes the fog had cleared, but it was only thicker and soon began to rain, as it does nearly every day for about a half-hour.  We decided to head home and began the traffic-filled journey out of Tagaytay City.  At one point after the rain stopped, we noticed cars pulling off to the side, tourists lined up along the stone wall, cameras clicking.  We did the same and found that although the fog had not entirely lifted, it was clear enough to see the volcano and get a few photos.




  1. Allie, I am Steve Miller’s wife and I have been reading your blog, as it’s very interesting. Is there anything I can send over as far as food? I can put together a big box of food (roman noodles, rice krisie bars) and ship it over. Let me know.

    • Oh, how nice, that’s very thoughtful of you. There hasn’t been any food i’ve missed…yet, but if i think of something i’ll be sure to let you know. 🙂

  2. I’d just like to say… Mix-Mix! 🙂

  3. Well Steve leaves on the 8th; if you guys need anything let me know and I can go shopping.

    P.s. You are going to be the seasoned employee over there with all of your experiences with the ants, flooding your apartments ect….. Make sure you show Steve the right way, please.

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