Posted by: neblinoso | September 21, 2009

UP Diliman

Saturday, our trusty driver RG took us to UP Diliman, We had lunch at a campus cafe called the Chocolate Kiss.  I had a chicken salad-like sandwich with white asparagus.  Yum. 

A few colleagues met us and we walked around the campus.  We visited the museum, although we were not allowed to take pictures.  Many of the museums do not allow you to take photographs.  After a while, i just stopped asking and figured it was better to get one shot and yelled at than no pics at all.

While on campus we tried a most delicious treat called karioka.  It is sticky rice in a sugary, fried doughy shell.  It’s in the elephant ear/funnel cake category of yummy goodness.

sticky rice treat

sticky rice treat

After wandering around for a bit, we headed to Marikina City to see the largest handmade pair of shoes.  They were located at the back of a large shoe store, where shoes were as cheap as $10.

We also visited the shoe museum, which houses a large collection of shoes belonging to Imelda Marcos, the former First Lady.  The museum only contained about 200 pairs, but it is rumored that she had over 1,000!  I have a hard enough time trying to figure out what i’m going to wear in the morning, let alone deciding on which pair of shoes.  Can  you imagine having that many choices?!!

We also visited a miniature museum and one that had a bunch of different nativity scenes from various cultures.  As i was looking at one case of miniatures, i noticed one particular item that looked completely out of character with everything else, which was mostly items you’d put in a dollhouse. 


For more pics, check out my album on facebook.


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