Posted by: neblinoso | September 22, 2009


IMG_3484I was prepared to experience flooding here in the Philippines, given the regularity of typhoons and rain.  I wasn’t, however, prepared to have flooding in my apartment. 

After reviewing the instructions on how to operate the washer, i opened my bag of detergent, poured some in slot II, threw in my clothes, turned the dial and hoped for the best.  I guess “the best” is a hallway full of water.  When i heard the washer turn off, i went to investigate and quickly realized something had gone wrong.  My socks quickly became a soggy mess.  How does a washer overflow?  It’s not like i overloaded it with water.  I had nothing to do with the water!

My shower has also been leaking. No matter how carefully i tuck the shower curtain tightly to the wall, there is still a pool of water on the floor when i get out. 

Is this a sign?  In dreams, water can represent underlying emotions, the subconscious. I did have a strange dream last night, but aren’t most dreams strange.  How often  can the events in dreams even be a reality? Perhaps the water from my dream manifested itself in waking life, but what is trying to tell me?


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