Posted by: neblinoso | September 23, 2009

The Ant Army – Part 2: Return of the Ants

The ants have returned, and they’ve brought reinforcements.  Only this time, they are attacking me at work. One of the red ants from my room must have escaped the deathly fumes of insecticide and gotten word to its black ant cousin.  I’ve notice a few ants here and there the past few days, but today they were in full force. 

Since we don’t have garbage cans yet, i brought a plastic bag with me to use. Several minutes after discarding my granola bar wrapper, i noticed a trail of ants marching across my desk and down the drawer to where the bag was hanging. One stopped to wiggle it’s antennae at me as if saying, “You can’t get rid of us!” They circled around the bag’s handle, spiraling down into its depths.  An ant emerged momentarily carrying a small granola piece, triumphant of its prize.

After notifying someone, a young woman came over, wiped down my desk and swept the floor, sending a flurry of ants into her metallic dustpan.  When she left, i slowly opened the bottom drawer of the cabinet, where i kept my snacks, cringing as to what i might find.  Phew, no ants.  I’ve become so accustomed to eating at my desk, as i’ve never seen one ant in my cube back home. 

I’m sure that ant family wants an even greater revenge after the massive squirshing i did to a few dozen of its family members.  Let it be known that i will not relent!  I will continue to squirsh until every last ant i see is dead!  Ha!



  1. Please kill all ants before I arrive!

  2. HAH nice. show no mercy!

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