Posted by: neblinoso | September 24, 2009

Bahala Na

Bahala Na is a common Filipino phrase that translates into “happen what may” or “whatever will be, will be”.  I read about this phrase in the Lonely Planet Guide book about the Philippines in an effort to educated myself as much as possible on what i may encounter. 

I knew in coming here i would be forced to learn how to embrace this mentality as it has increasingly become unavoidable.  Mastering bahala na will be a significant stepping stone to a change i have felt coming for some time.  I can either let situations frustrate me or learn some things are just not in my power to control. I truly feel this is an important lesson i need to learn, but wanting it doesn’t make it simple or easy.

Though i enjoy adventure and spontaneity, i am a planner at heart, but planning only adds to my frustrations as the “plan” is constantly changing.  You really have to succumb to “going with the flow” in order to have peace of mind. 

 There are remnants from my life back home that also require this attitude. I was hoping that being removed from these situations would afford me the opportunity to gain some perspective and move forward.  Or at least not let assumptions fester as i am inclined to analyze them to death.

It is difficult, but not impossible, to rework the wiring in your brain so it reacts inversely.  I only hope i succeed in this quest and that it changes me in a positive way.


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