Posted by: neblinoso | September 24, 2009

Office Space

IMG_3497When i arrived to the office on my first day, i was delighted to see an orange balloon welcoming me to my new cube.  Even after the first few days, my desk felt so empty compared to my workspace at home, which is full of pictures, magnetic toys, fun pens, and, of course, work-related documentation.

I brought some cards people gave me as a farewell so i would have a little bit of home with me.  Noticing the plants of a nearby neighbor, i immediately craved the flora of home.  During our weekend adventures i set out to find some desk doodads.

desk doodads
desk doodads


One of the most exciting office supply items i received was my very own pencil sharpener!  I have never encountered a pencil sharpener like this before.  With some help from my neighbor, i finally understood how it operated and eagerly opened my box of pencils to select a test subject.

IMG_3489It took a little practice, but i was finally able to wedge that pencil in there and grind it to a point, while enjoying the view window of falling shavings!  I <<heart>> office supplies! IMG_3491



  1. I like your doodads, and that pencil sharpener looks way crazy cool!

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