Posted by: neblinoso | September 25, 2009


IMG_3504Today was my first attempt at baking overseas…in a kitchen that is sadly void of the proper bakeware.  I had to call the front desk and request mixing bowls!  When i inquired about a wooden spoon or spatula, the best they could give me was a spoon that looked like it got zapped by an enlarging machine.

I really miss my kitchen amenities back home.  A kitchen aide mixer is definitely too big to pack, but can i at least get some electric beaters?  Absence does make the heart grow fond.  And i am very fond of baking, i’ve just always had the necessary tools. I haven’t manually mixed cookie dough batter in….gosh, i don’t even know how long…forever.  At least my arms got a good workout.

After making the flour mixture and melting the butter, while i was measuring out the sugar, i suddenly realized i was missing one ingredient. Brown sugar. No worries, i’ll just double up on the white sugar, right?  It’s still sugar.

Using brute strength i stirred all the ingredients together and then looked at the one small pyrex dish the hotel provided.  I normally make cookie bars in a 13×9 sized dish.  This one was 11×7, and i don’t even know if it was metric or not, nor do i know what the equivalent would be.  Should i split up the batter and make two batches?  Nah, what the heck, this is an experiment.  I dumped all the batter into the small dish and evened out the dough. 


It’s a good thing the temperature gauge on the oven had a Farenheit to Celsius ratio.  Instead of baking them at 375, i turned the dial to the closest temp, which was 392.  Normally, you would bake these for 20-25 minutes.  However, here in Manila, where things generally take a little bit longer, it was around an hour. And i’m still not sure they’re cooked thoroughly.

IMG_3512I even miss the simple things, like having two potholders to remove the dish from the oven.  One oven mit and a t-shirt works well, too. 

After cooling, i cut them into bars and extracted one for tasting.  They were still a little doughy, but overall, not bad.  I would call this experiment a success . . . unless i’m deathly ill by morning. 😉



  1. Well that’s just added a wooden spoon to my packing list!

  2. Those look like The Cheatcakes.

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