Posted by: neblinoso | September 28, 2009

Office Blessing

Friday was a special day at work as we had a welcoming celebration for the return of all the Manila trainees who spent around two months in the U.S.  In the afternoon we held a meeting to go over general facility information and to announce the winner of the “name the meeting rooms” contest.

Following the meeting, a priest was invited to come and bless the office.  He read a few biblical passages and then we shadowed him, lit candles in hand, around the office as he blessed each cube, office, and meeting room with holy water.  Hopefully the holy water that was used to christen the server room will enhance network speed instead of shorting them out.

As with most celebrations, we feasted on a variety of foods afterwards, allowing us the opportunity to enjoy the comforts of the break room seating.  I really appreciated this ritual as i have not heard of this practice in the U.S.  The priest mentioned that though we are in the building to perform a job, we are also family, and the more time i spend with everyone, the more like family they become and the harder it will be to leave them.



  1. So, what are the names of the conference rooms? Did D2-1750 make the cut? I know they enjoyed that room in Eagan! 🙂

    • Haha. Yes, D2-1750 has a lovely ring to it! 😉

      They are going to be named after the US founding fathers, like Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, etc. I’m not sure how many rooms there are yet.

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