Posted by: neblinoso | October 2, 2009

Hunkering Down

front page
front page

The entire city is bracing itself for the next typhoon…a super typhoon, which basically means a category 5.  Locally known as Pepeng, the typhoon’s international name is Parma.  “What a weird coincidence,” a colleague from home remarked, referring to my hometown of the same name.  As much as this event may parallel my own world, i have no desire to be associated with any destruction it may cause.  I’ve always had a certain premonitory ability, whether through dreams or my own in-depth analysis of what goes unrecognized by most people.  It is the same quality that makes me a good editor.  The skill is just honed differently.

It started raining early afternoon and hasn’t stopped.  At least it’s not a constant downpour like with Ondoy.  I looked out of the window overlooking the pool to determine just how heavy the rain was coming down.  About eight people were scattered around the perimeter, clinging to the edge, feet wavering beneath the water like fish.  All i see are typhoon victims, flushed from their homes, hanging on to anything that floats to keep them from being swept away by the strong current. 

After work, Laura and i thought we’d do some window shopping in the malls, however, we observed that many of the shops were already closed.  The malls typically don’t close until 10PM on Fridays.  We wandered around a bit hoping to find something open, and a few were, but even those looked as if they were getting ready to close up for the night.  I did find a cooking store that sells baking gadgets, but there was hardly any room to look around as boxes of inventory were stacked on the floor, making it hard to navigate to shelves.  On our way back we asked a security guard why all the shops were closed so early.  “Because of the typhoon, ma’am,” he said.  It takes some people several hours to get home due to traffic, so i suppose they allowed their employees enough time to get home and prepare for Pepeng.

I plan on spending most of the weekend in my hotel room.  Or if the stores are open i may go wandering through the malls or see a movie.   I also started reading a new book that i’m anxious to get lost in.  Rainy days are good for reading.  And i hope that’s all this weekend will be, just a rainy, lazy time to rest up and prepare for another week of work….my first full one since i’ve been here.  As much as i like adventure, i need somewhat of a routine to keep me sane.



  1. be safe.

    what book are you getting lost in?

    • Stephen King’s “The Green Mile”. It’s such a quick read. When i’m done with that i’m going to read “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.”

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