Posted by: neblinoso | October 9, 2009

Driving Vent

Given the events of late last night, i should have decided not to go into work today.  I thought that maintaining my routine, would somehow ease the pain. 

I kept to my schedule, getting up with enough time to make it to the fitness center in an effort to work out lingering anger and this ball of emotion i don’t know how to deal with at the moment.  I returned to my room, showered and got ready for work. 

As my work hours are 1-10PM, i am picked up by a driver in front of the hotel at 12:30 PM.  Since my previous driver’s contract was up, i was armed with an e-mail outlining the new driver’s name and phone and the car’s color, make and license number. 

There is generally a flurry of foot and car traffic outside the hotel as there is also an entrance to one of the many malls.  Taxi cars drop off passengers and then creep by you, honking their horns, letting you know they are available.  Husbands pull up to drop their wifes off at work or vice versa, and many private cars sit, flashers blinking, waiting for their VIP charges.  Security guards roam in and out of cars, trying to keep the flow moving and making those who have been sitting a while circle around again.

After waiting 20 minutes, i e-mailed someone at the office to ensure i had the correct information.  I attempted to call him, but was unable to get through.  After 40 minutes i decided to go back inside the hotel and wait on one of the plush benches and scan the approaching vehicles through a large window.  At 1:3o PM, i stood up, exasperated, with the intention of returning to my room.  Just as i was getting up, i notice an aqua-green van with a licensing number matching the one i had memorized.

As i hopped into the front seat, the driver mumbled an apology for being late.  I know he wasn’t aware of this effect on my day, so i just sat there quietly until he dropped me off.  When i got out, i realized something was wrong.  The back of my pants felt wet.  The passenger seat must have been wet, so not only was i an hour late, but i also had a wet ass.  Not a good start to the day.

I spent most of the day crying in my cube as i e-mailed friends and family of my plight and spoke with local colleagues of this situation.  Needless to say, i didn’t do much work, and i was anxious to leave early, however, the driver was occupied with another task. 

No worries, i thought.  I made it through most of the day, i can make it another hour.  10PM arrived and i gathered my things and clocked out with the normal group who rides with me in the evenings.  We waited again for the driver.  He showed up 30 minutes late.

I always thought i was a patient person, but today, i was challenged.  I don’t mind lateness, but at least have the decency to inform me you will be late and don’t lie about how far away you are.  What a trying day.  I’m glad it’s over.



  1. ((hugs)) oh man. We’re here with you. I’m sorry this happened to us when it did, especially with you being so far from home. 😦

  2. Hang tight Allie more American’s on the way. Should be arriving in about 17 hours now. Hang with Steve when he gets there, he will keep you company.

  3. OH ALlison!!! Sorry about your rough day… Do you have a phone number that I can call you? Or is it better by email.

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