Posted by: neblinoso | October 11, 2009


There’s nothing like alcohol and charades to take your mind off the fact that you’re getting laid off.  Friday night, a few coworkers stopped by to help me finish some beer (of which i still have some left) and hang out.

IMG_3627I was brought an adobo dinner, wrapped in a banana leaf, which i ate with my fingers.  Adobe is probably one of my favorite dishes.  It’s basically meat cooked in vinegar and soy sauce, served with rice.  Yum!  I also tried a crispy, breaded anchovy snack, which was pretty gross, but i at least tried it.  Good thing i had some peanut butter cookies to get rid of the taste.

After dinner we decided to play some charades.  That game never gets old.  And it’s especially entertaining when you’ve had a bit to drink.  We had categories like movies, famous people and then we tried a round of random words, but that was too hard.  We combined this activity with frequent shots of tequila and when the tequila ran out, i switched to rum.  Probably not a good idea given the headache i had the next morning.  Two aspirin and some good food cured that right up.

The fun i had on Friday was a nice release, taking my mind to a happier place.  Talking about the lay off has also helped.  I spent most of Saturday afternoon chatting with various colleagues who arrived late Friday.  I am glad people have asked me about it.  The more i talk about it, the more i realize that i need to honor my committment.  If i were to go home now, i would only feel disappointed in myself that i didn’t finish something i started.  Besides, this experience would be a great asset to my resume.  Plus, i know there are still more adventures out there, waiting for me to stumble into them and learn something else.



  1. Hey Allie,

    I’d asked Denise about you and she sent me your blog address, so thought I’d say hi. It’s been quite an ordeal over there for you, first with the typhoons (one of which was named Typhoon Parma – I couldn’t believe it!), and now this. Glad you’re doing ok and sticking it out. You’re right – it will look good on a resume – but it’s tough nonetheless. I give you credit for honoring your commitment. Hope you enjoy the rest of your time there.

    • Thanks Dave! Yes, it’s been quite the adventure here. I know i was went to be here for a reason though and i’m really enjoying getting to know my Manila colleagues and friends better. Hope you are well.

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