Posted by: neblinoso | October 12, 2009

A Football Fantasy Come True

Football is by far my favorite sport.  I was a little disappointed when i realized i would be missing most of the season due to my international location.  Most of my friends know that once football season starts, i am unavailable on Sundays, unless it’s to get together to watch the game. 

I was delighted when i came home this evening, crashing on the couch and turning on the telly for some mind-numbing, after-work down time, to find a station airing the sunday night game, which happened to be the Colts v. Titans.   

The Colts are my second favorite team.  I will always remain a die-hard fan of the Browns, no matter how much they suck.  And i will continue to have that Cleveland believeland attitude that one day they willbe great.  Hey, there’s always that Giants’s game from last season to keep hope alive.

I became a Colts fan during my college years in Indiana.  The team even used to practice on our field during summers, but moved to another location the year i started, so i feel a slight connection with them.  Besides, it’s encouraging to cheer for a team that can actually score touchdowns and win games. 

And even though i already knew the outcome of this game, including some highlights, as i generally check the nfl’s website first thing monday mornings, it was still exciting to watch.  I live for those moments when a quarterback hesitates or has to scramble as a play unravels, when they show coaches’ muted shouting at stupid fouls, and shots of excentric fans in the crowd wearing nothing but paint in the middle of a snow storm. 

God, i LOVE football!



  1. And the Browns actually won on Sunday too! Not that it was worth watching a total of nine points scored in two hours, still… they won.

    • yeah, a win is a win. Go Brownies!

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