Posted by: neblinoso | October 12, 2009


IMG_3667It has been sooooo long since i have bowled.  I used to go almost every week with friends, but life happens as it does and routines change.  I even have my own ball and shoes back home, nestled snuggly in a protective bag, patiently waiting for me to pull them out of the closet.

I don’t know what it is about the sport that i love so much.  Perhaps it’s the destructive objective, or maybe the sound pins make on impact with the ball and each other.  I thoroughly enjoy the acrobatic pins that get launched into the air, flipping and sailing over those still standing like soldiers.

IMG_3679I got the opportunity to bowl this evening, accompanied by Rico and Donna.  We set out by taxi to Robinson’s Place, a mall that housed the bowling alley.  The mall was huge…and packed with people.  We found the alley, put on our bowling shoes and picked out balls.  I chose a purplish ten-pounder, amazed at how big the finger holes were, especially since almost everything here is smaller than in the States. 

Rico got us some soda and taco snacks and we bowled two games.  My goal is usually to try and get a triple-digit score, so if i can make it to 100, i feel like i did alright.  I was just shy of 100 my first game, but i finally bowled a strike during the second game and that helped me reach the 100 mark.  Yeah bowling!


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