Posted by: neblinoso | October 14, 2009

White as Rice

IMG_3617I am amazed by how many skin whitening ads i’ve seen on billboards and in the paper.  It’s like the asian equivalent of tanning in the States, with completely opposite results.  This seems to me another example of how we all tend to want what someone else has instead of being happy with what we’ve got. 

I’m guilty of this as well.  I’ve always longed for a darker skin tone as it has an exotic beauty instead of the “has-that-girl-ever-seen-the-light-of-day” type of beauty.  In medieval times pale people were seen as royalty, because you knew they weren’t the ones spending their time sweating outside doing chores in the hot sun.  If only my whiteness could ensure me financial stability. 

Instead we are inundated with ads on how to get that beautiful bronze look.  Personally, i’m not a tanner as my skin is as white as rice, except for the sprinkling of freckles dotting my whiteness, making me a prime candidate for skin cancer.  My skin doesn’t even know how to tan.  It basically freaks out from extended sun exposure, turning a bright, blushing pink and then quickly peeling away, like a getaway car from the scene of the crime.

I do get more freckles during the summer, though.  I’ve always imagined that if all my freckles were to band together in one big faction, i would be able to have a tan arm or leg.  But i like them scattered.  It breaks up the white monotony and reminds me of what little irish blood i have.

Why can’t we stop envying what we don’t have and just be thankful for who and what we are?  If you are trying to be something else, then you wouldn’t be you.  And if you weren’t you, you’d be someone else, and they already exist.  🙂


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