Posted by: neblinoso | October 16, 2009

Bottle Cap Mishap

I’ve been making my best attempt to go to the fitness center in the mornings before work.  Jogging in the late morning is quite different from jogging after work in the evenings.  I am less coordinated, not as limber, and my tummy growls for food, wondering why i haven’t fed it yet, as i can’t eat before working out.

About three times a week, every other day or so, i do weight training before my cardio routine.  On the in-between days, like today, i head straight for the treadmill.  First, i stretch out my legs, balancing them on the machine, whilst selecting an upbeat playlist on my mp3 player.  After securing the earphones, I walk at a fast pace for a minute to warm up before cranking up the speed, hoping my legs will last for the two-mile jog.

The treadmills face a large window overlooking the pool.  I fix my gaze on some of the ivy hanging on the surrounding walls, trying to find different shapes and faces, distracting the mind’s constant reminder of my body’s exhaustion. 

During my cool down, i reduce the speed, wiping the sweat from my face and arms with the towel that is conveniently draped over each machine.  I also use this time to chug the water i brought, which rests in one of the cup holders on either side of the treadmill. 

 At this point, i am even less coordinated as my legs just want to stop and collapse after this torture i’ve put them through.  I managed to uncap the bottled water and chug its contents while a few rivulets escaped down my upturned chin.  I don’t know if my body just can’t perform multiple tasks due to its weakened state, but i have dropped that dang bottle cap the last three times i’ve ran. 

The first time, it fell on the non-moving strip between the belt and the edge of the treadmill.  I left it there, not wanting to interrupt my progress, and retrieved it when i was done.  The second time, i was in mid-run.  It bounced onto the belt, which of course sent it shooting off the back and towards a stationary bike that someone behind me was riding.  My eyes widened.  I heard it hit something and prayed that it wasn’t the person on the bike.  I opted to keep going and not look behind me.  I could figure out where the cap landed when i was done.  I never did find it. 

Today, i dropped the cap on the belt a second time, blasting it like a BB gun into one of the trainers who was standing off to the side behind me.  His arms were folded and he was watching one of the tv screens showing Titanic.  Who wants to watch Titanic while they’re working out?  It’s so depressing.  Who would want to watch it anywhere for that matter?  I hopped onto the sides, leaving the belt running and turned around as he followed the rolling cap, snatching it up before it could disappear under another treadmill.  He smiled and handed it back to me as i tried to look apologetic and said, thank you.



  1. You are so funny Allie. I can just envision what happened and wondering if the trainer was laughing hysterically inside.

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