Posted by: neblinoso | October 18, 2009

Cooking Day

IMG_3727Today i learned how to make some Filipino dishes with the help of Rico and Jing.  We met in the morning and headed to the SM grocery to get the ingredients for the chicken adobo and pork pochero.  Rico was kind enough to haul our purchases back to my room where we began chopping up the vegetables for the pochero.

Jing washed the meats and i helped peel the potatoes and carrots, every now and then stopping to write down the process, so i would remember how to make the food on my own.  Once we prepared everything, Rico gave me instructions on how to start the pochero dish.  After sauteing garlic, onion and tomatoes, i added the pork and we left it to simmer.

While waiting for the pork to tenderize, Jing taught me how to make the adobo, which is either chicken or pork marinated in a vinegar, soy sauce and seasoned stew until it cooks down to a sauce.  We used various cuts of chicken for the adobe, pouring the soy sauce and vinegar over it and stirring it thoroughly to give it a nice coating. We covered it to let it cooking, occasionally adding water.

IMG_3751Every so often we added vegetables to the pochero, beginning with the ones that would take longest to cook and ending with the leafy vegetables.  We were listening to a local radio station playing dance music and had some fun dancing around while waiting for the food to cook.  Rico also entertained us with some creative body spelling, of which i sadly don’t have photographic evidence. 

Of course you can’t have any meal without rice, so we put some in the rice cooker, but it didn’t cook properly, so we had to improvise and put the rice bowl on the stove to finish the job.  By that point we were all getting quite hungry.

IMG_3748We dined in style with proper place settings, fanned napkins and a bottle of very good white wine.  The food was delicious!  I promised them that since they taught me how to cook these local dishes, i would teach them how to bake one of my favorite, very simple, recipes for peanut butter cookies.



  1. allison,
    I can just about smell and taste the savory dishes you helped to make! what a great idea to share favorite things to eat and enjoy company at your place. the table setting looked elegant.
    I finally got everyone to at least sit at the table.ha ha
    Hope to learn the recipes for such scrumptious food.
    Sunday apple picking(*~*).

  2. adobo! Yum!

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