Posted by: neblinoso | October 20, 2009

Here We Go Again

There’s another typhoon headed our way.  ‘Ramil’ is scheduled to hit upper Luzon by Thursday.   It should not affect those of us in metro manila much unless it changes course.  However, it will reek havoc on the thousands of people living in the provinces who’ve already experienced flooding, which still hasn’t receded, from Pepeng. 


We also have another group of trainers scheduled to arrive late friday evening, so i hope this won’t impede their travels.  When i spoke with Laura after she was back home, she mentioned how she felt like a magnet for bad weather as it had snowed upon her return.  The earliest snow had been near halloween, but this was three weeks earlier.  I fear this may be true (sorry, Laura) as this next typhoon seems to be coinciding with her entrance back into the Philippines.

IMG_3803In other interesting news, i found out from my driver this morning that there was a shooting in Greenbelt 5, which is one of the classier malls in the area.  Steve and i had just been through there over the weekend and saw a film nearby.  It is within walking distance from our hotel and connects to the mall entrance near ours.  This all happened while we were lunching at MOA, so thank goodness our shopping tour was there and not in Greenbelt. 

Apparently, thiefs were targeting a Rolex store and got through security (as there are guards who check bags at every entrance) by being in bomb squad uniforms and telling them they were there to investigate a call about a bomb.  That just sounds like something out of a movie.  I can already see the “based on a true story” tag(alog) lines now.

I hope this post does not alarm anyone or make them worry about my safety.  I’d like to think i’m pretty aware and astute when it comes to my surroundings.  Plus, i’ve got those guardian angels watching over me for sure and my dragon to ward off any evil.  🙂


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