Posted by: neblinoso | October 25, 2009

Beach Day

IMG_3875I finally got to experience the beautiful beaches here in the Philippines

A large caravan of us left the hotel at 6AM.  Our final destination, the Canyon Cove Resort.  We stopped in Tagaytay along the way for breakfast at Leslies.  This has been my second visit to Tagaytay, and happily it wasn’t foggy or rainy.  It turned out to be a gorgeous day, especially for going to the beach!

IMG_3830After taking photos of the Taal volcano, we sat down underneath a wooden weaved ceiling in the open air room for a hearty breakfast of yang chao rice, omelets and pork.  

Once the rest of our group joined us and we finished eating, we piled back into our vans and made the rest of the journey to the resort, located in the Batangas province.  It was nestled in the arm of a cliff disguised by trees.  Tall, thin older-style buildings rose behind the shorter, new ones.  Waters from the South China Sea lapped the beach shores that were littered with rocks and shells. 

I spent most of the time relaxing near the pool, occasionally taking a dip to cool down from the scorching sun.  IMG_3871There was also a volleyball court!!  Yeah!  I had been looking forward to playing v-ball all week.  We got a group together, drafting a tall German named Mark to play with us in order to make the teams even. 

It was the most beautiful day, and i had absolutely no desire to leave.  It reminded me of the vacation i took to the Dominican Republic with several girlfriends a few years ago.  I can’t believe how many freckles i got today.  My back is especially covered, when this morning it was nearly void of freckles.  Sun (and v-ball) make me happy.  

Our trip home took almost four hours as we got stuck in the infamous traffic.  We passed the time by sleeping, singing along to the radio when we knew songs and coming up with various product ideas for glow sticks.  This was inspired by our glow stick suckers Alissa passed out when we were getting antsy from being stuck in a van for such a long time.  It’s amazing how entertaining a glow-in-the-dark sucker stick can be. I will be bringing some of these back for international enjoyment! 


And i will definitely be going back to the beach.  I don’t know what it is about sun, sand and water, but it is the most relaxing, stress-relieving combo ever!



  1. WOW WOW iwish i could be there! i am soo glad your day at the beach was so beautiful, and vollyball was icing(or should i say sand) on the dragon.
    i wonder if they can make glow in the dark tequila?
    love from a sun deprived mama b

    • glow in the dark tequila…another good idea. LOL!!!

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