Posted by: neblinoso | October 25, 2009

Movie Mania

I saw another film today, The Informant (with Matt Damon).  Wow, what riot!  I’m not a big fan of Matt Damon, however, when i saw the trailers for this film, i thought his character seemed funny and it turns out he was hilarious. 

The film is based on a true story about Mark Whitacre and the price-fixing scandals of the ADM company.  I can’t believe how many lies he told!  I have never been a good liar.  Even if i felt i could pull it off, i would get exhausted creating all the additional lies in order for the initial lie to seem truthful.  Even that sentence exhausted me a little.  Sheesh!  Lying takes too much effort.  Great film, though.

I have seen more movies on the big screen here than i have at home in the last nine months.  They are so inexpensive.  Back in college when i wrote movie reviews for the school paper i saw a film every week.  Since those days it seems like i’ve seen less and less, but i love film.  My favorite types of films are documentaries, but i can only see so many of those at a time, before my brain needs a break from the educational and often eye-opening subject matter.

Last weekend i saw Red Cliff.  I’m not sure if they’re showing that in the States.  It was an excellent film as well.  It was dubbed in English, though i’d rather hear it in its native tongue and read subtitles.  This John Woo film was about war strategies during the Han dynasty. 

Though i am a fan of peace, i enjoy war films, as long as i am in the right mood, as they have a tendency to depress me.  It saddens me to watch people kill each other.  How does it even get to that point?  Why do matters have to be settled with war?  What about the art of conversation? 

If i continue, i’m just going to ramble on about politics and i’d rather not.  This is another aspect i love about *good* film…it makes you think and question life.  I enjoy questioning.  Somehow, there always seems to be more questions than answers, though, and that’s just how life is.



  1. Thanks to you I have the top movie going statistic in Garf.hts. !!!

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