Posted by: neblinoso | October 27, 2009

Clumsy McGee

My balance with the world is off.  I have been so clumsy lately.  It began last week when i was stepping into the shower and slipped on the very mat that is there so you don’t slip.  I flailed, hoping my flapping arms would latch on to something sturdy, but they only found air to swim in and i went down, sending my shampoo and conditioner sailing as i tried to break my fall.  As a result, i received two purplish oval spots on the front and back of my leg.  One of them is right below my dragon’s talon as if he poked me with the tip signaling for me to pay attention.  But pay attention to what? What is the world trying to tell me?

I obtained another leg bruise by running right into the pointy edge of one the weight machines in the fitness center.  This was after i had been running, so i could blame my weak legs, but my eyesight was pretty good and yet i still walked right into it. 

My clumsiness is even causing injury to other people.  Last week i elbowed Russell in the cheekbones as we were getting into the van on Friday to go home.  What a nice, happy weekend send-off.  I did the same with Jennifer today, knocking her in the head with my own.  Cleary i need a new strategy for climbing into the van.  Or perhaps i should just cocoon myself in bubble wrap.

I was hoping this fresh, new week would bring me better luck, however, whilst preparing dinner, it became apparent that i am still paying off some invisible debt.  I was filling a small bowl with soy sauce to dip my pork into when the bottle ceased to enjoy being in my hand and slipped right out of my fingers.  It crashed onto one end of the half-filled bowl, which then flipped it up like a trebuchet, launching garlic and soy sauce into the air and onto the counter, floor, and me.  As i watched this happen in slow motion, it reminded me of a beginning juggler who can toss objects in the air, but has yet to learn how to catch them. 

I’m okay with small bruises here and there, but i just hope this isn’t leading up to a  bigger injury. You may want to keep your distance from me until i have regained balance with the world.



  1. you want more distance? sad…

  2. alli,
    sounds like you need some tlc (a massage) to keep the reflexes in tune. i’ll fill in an apt. for you anytime.
    love your personal massotherapist.

    • aww…i heart you mama b.

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