Posted by: neblinoso | October 30, 2009

A Halloween (Fairy) Tale

IMG_3931Once upon a time, in a far away land, the fairy godmother of compliance regulations, together with her fairy princesses, brought happiness and laughter to the TR republic.  With her magic fairy wand, she granted wishes to all that desired . . . .

 Today we had our halloween festivities at the office.  I was so impressed with the decorations.  I don’t think the office back home would ever let us go to this length in creating an imaginative world for kids who’d be coming to go trick or treating. 

IMG_3921The theme was centered around the peter pan story.  Girls were encouraged to dress in fairy or indian costumes and the guys to look like pirates or lost boys.  I found a pair of wings, a head band, wand and some glitter lotion, all for under $8, at the local SM.  All of the pirate decor reminded me of my colleagues back home who have claimed their allegiance to the swashbuckling world.  Sadly, there were no ninja’s to rival their mortality.

Sporting my winged costume, i walked to the local Starbucks for a coffee lunch, explaining to the friendly cashiers that our office was celebrating Halloween today.  Not only do i already stand out for being tall and white, but now i had sparkly wings and an antennae headband to draw attention.  I’m positive that many people we’re thinking, “that crazy white girl!”  But at least they were smiling.  I will gladly sacrifice dignity if it brings a smile to someone’s face.



  1. HOW GREAT is that!!!!! I bet you miss throwing your halloween parties!!!! Does the Phillipines normally celebrate Halloween.. or did you officiate the party?

  2. I thought you said they didn’t celebrate Halloween there? That’s awesome though!! 🙂

    • i didn’t think they did, but apparently, they do and i was very happy about that. I’m still sad i can’t throw my normal big party! I had a great theme for this year too, and it didn’t involve hay! 😛

  3. YEAH PIRATES!!! I saw some pictures on facebook, some of the costumes were incredible!

  4. I approve.

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