Posted by: neblinoso | November 1, 2009

That Was It

I saw the Michael Jackson film tonight.  I had been looking forward to seeing this film for a while.  When it was first announced that MJ was going to be doing a come-back tour, i was elated.  I have always desired to see him perform live.  Unfortunately, i will never be able to experience that momentous event.

This Is It will be the closest i will ever come to witnessing Michael Jackson’s sheer genius on the stage.  The film documented the months of preparation for the upcoming tour, giving you an idea as to what it may have been like from an audience standpoint.  You could sense from the interviews with dancers and other crew members, most of which were in tears whenever they talked about being chosen for this adventure, how many admired and were awed by his abilities and brilliance in the music world. 

Everyone seems to have a story pertaining to his music.  My memories are from my college years when my roommate and i used to blast his music into the halls of our freshman dorm.  We’d dance up and down the hallway trying to get other girls to join us.  My roommate was a huge fan, and she was the one responsible for making me fall in love with his music, his legacy.

I don’t care what drama he may have been involved in.  All i see is an incredibly talented, artistic man, striped of a normal childhood and berated by sensationalism, who had a love for music and dance that broke barriers across the world.  He cared about how we treated the earth.  He cared about people.  You can’t watch him or listen to his music without that being undeniably clear.

For being such a superstar, he was humble and easy to work with.  Even when rehearsals had hiccups, he handled them in a respectful manner, never raising his voice.  I have had opportunities to work with some musicians, no one nearly the caliber of MJ, and many stars can be demanding, expecting the world to revolve around them.  You can’t fake humility, and MJ oozed it. 

By the end of the film i was moved to tears.  Maybe you think that’s silly, but i can’t help mourning the loss of someone, in my eyes, who did great things, despite his hardships.  And that is my goal in life, to do great things, to help people, help the environment, to overcome my faults and shortcomings, and make the world a better place in some small way.


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