Posted by: neblinoso | November 3, 2009

Holiday Weekend

We had a long weekend due to the All Saints Holiday today.  Yeah, day off!!  I did quite a bit of shopping on Saturday with some of the other US trainers and then saw the MJ film. 

mango margarita

Afterwards, we had beverages at Masas, one of the trendy restos in Greenbelt.

I didn’t do much on Sunday.  A group of people went to Greenhills for barter-style shopping.  But i was shopped out from my shoptastic finds on Saturday.  I went to the SM grocery to make my weekly food purchases and caught up on my bills.  As i was exiting the elevator to head to another grocery, the group who’d gone out walked by me.  It took me a minute to realize i knew them.  They convinced me to go out to dinner with them by Manila Bay.


fountain drink

We stopped at the fountain by the bay to see the sunset before going to the restaurant, and take some fun pics.  Dinner was at Harbor View.  Our table was on the roof overlooking the bay.  It was a beautiful evening, complete with a full moon.  Many of the dishes were much larger than anticipated.  I ordered a boneless milkfish and it was about the same size as the fish-shaped plate it came on.  A few people ordered lobster tail that was just as big. 

When we arrived back to the hotel, we made a quick run to the grocery to pick up the items i had intended to get earlier.  Back in my apartment, i demonstrated to Jing and Rico how to make apple crisp, sharing the (literal) fruits of our labor when it had finished baking. 

On Monday the group made plans to go to corregidor island.  I declined this excursion as it was a little too pricey for my taste, and i didn’t feel like getting up at the butt crack of dawn on my day off. 

Instead, i worked on my resume and did some job searching in the morning to see what was out there…which is absolutely nothing at this point, at least not in my “field” whatever that is.  At some point i’m going to have to start facing reality and take this job hunting seriously, but until i get home, i’m just going to keep denying the fact that i may be jobless a year from now and live it up while i can.

IMG_3991Rico came over in the afternoon and we took a taxi to Quiapo to find some cheap DVDs for our movie day.  You could practically find any movie.  Stall after stall had stacks of movies you had to wade through to find what you wanted.  There were even stalls devoted entirely to anime film and tv shows, although i couldn’t find anything that interested me.  We browsed through a few stalls and settled on five dvds, all for about $5. 

Upon our arrival back at the hotel from the round-about taxi journey, we grabbed a few snacks from BreadTalk to munch on while i prepared a dinner of swedish meatballs and rice.  Rico fried some lumpia i’d gotten from the grocery and we ate until we could barely stand. 

This is when our movie adventure began.  I blindly selected Ratatouille, an unintentional correlation as the story centered around cooking.  This was my first attempt at using the dvd player, so i was not prepared for the effort it would take to watch a movie.  After figuring out how to get it to the video setting, things seemed to work smoothly . . .  up until the opening credits, and then, darkness.  There was sound, but no picture. 

Several unsuccessful attempts later, we decided to try the dvd player in my room.  We got that up and running, fast forwarded to the spot we’d left off, watched about 5 minutes and then the sound cut out.  I supposed if we’d had two copies, we could have blasted the sound from one room, while watching the picture in another.  I called the front desk, explaining my problem and they said they would send up the engineer.  He never came.

By some miracle, Rico got the living room dvd player working again, however, after a while it began stopping and starting every other minute.  At that point, we called it quits on Ratatouille and selected another film–Apocalypto.  There were a few iffy moments, but for about an hour and a half, it ran clean.  Around the 1:40 mark, it blacked out again.  We’d come so far!  I called the front desk again and this time, someone came right away.  I’m not sure what he did, but he fixed it–the one in the bedroom, too, which was just a loose audio wire.

So, four hours after we’d started our film night, we finally made it through one two-hour film.  Gotta love technology!



  1. Hi Allie,

    Your blogs are awesome. I just got caught up on reading them today 🙂 Take care!


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