Posted by: neblinoso | November 5, 2009

Volcano Allie

I am unstable – mentally, emotionally, and i guess physically since i’m such a clutz.  I feel like i’m ready to blow at any moment.  I can’t take any more news of people losing their jobs.  Though i know i will make the best of my time here, the 12-hour work days and different schedule are starting to wear on me.  Why is it that shorter work weeks always seem to drag on forever?

I don’t even have any creative juices left in me to make my blog posts interesting.  I did see this music video tonight (this morning?) on the MTV channel that made me laugh hyenously. 

But this is life.  There are highs and lows.  I’ve never been good a sugar-coating anything or concealing my feelings.  WYSIWYG.  I tell it like it is, yo.  In the words of my college roommie — RAIGHNT!



  1. alli,
    i think of you every day and miss seeing you!
    our days are unpredictable but GOD’s plan for us IS certain. sing to HIM a song of your heart(i know your voice delights HIM and me too.)see Psalm 34
    wedding plans are moving along, and joy’s parents are traveling today to week they will be here! pray
    love and hugs,
    mama b

    • thanks for the encouragement mama b! Miss you, too.

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