Posted by: neblinoso | November 10, 2009

Say What?

Although i haven’t been here long enough to learn too many words or phrases, i have picked up on a few things.  Like most places, there are certain acronyms or shortened words that have worked its way into the everyday jargon.  One of the most shocking was HIV (Hair Is Vanishing), as in that man is HIV positive.  When i first heard someone say that, i thought, wow, how do you know?  But i guess a shiny head is the only clue you  need.

In the States we refer to air conditioning as AC, but it’s quickly evident from the bazillion taxis that AC is called referred to as AirCon.  The phrase is plastered on many cabs.  There are even jeepneys, completely enclosed and fully AirCon’d. 

When my cell phone has little power left, i usually say it is dying.  During my Typhoon Ondoy experience i learned a new phrase for the dying phone–low bat, which clearly stands for low battery. 

Another one of my favorites is LSS.  I always thought there should be a name for the sometimes annoying affliction when you can’t get a song out of your head after recently hearing it.  Well, such a term does exist and it’s Last Song Syndrome.  

Early on i learned of a much more pleasant term for the bathroom.  The CR, or comfort room, has a much nicer ring to it…and it sounds inviting.  It reminds me of something royalty would use back in medieval times, especially since their sewage conditions were crappy. 😛

When i visited the UP Dilliman, i discerned that a sem was the shortened form of semester.  Perhaps this is a term used in the States, but i have been long since removed from school to keep up with the nomenclature of students.  Of course, shortly after graduation, once you’ve established a career, you will have become a yuppie–a young urban professional. 

Many of the local food establishments use this phrase in their name – resto – an abbreviation for the longer restaurant.  I’ve had debates before about shortening names and using letters that aren’t already in the word.  My college roommate refused to spell my name with an “e” on the end, claiming i was not allowed to just randomly start adding letters to my name that weren’t already there. I say, power to the addition of letters, especially vowels, to the ends of words!  Whata harmee couldu iti beo? (Spell check really didn’t like that phrase!)




  1. Hey Allie… another one.. we call our refrigerator “ref” for short. But the thing is, we also shorten referee to “ref”. =)

    • haha…i’ll at it to my list! i’m sure there are more i’ve heard that i just can’t remember.

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