Posted by: neblinoso | November 12, 2009

Nose Bleeding

Another phrase i have learned about, and was reminded of again today, is “nose bleeding“.  I’d heard this phrase from another colleague who’d visited months before my arrival.  From what i’ve gathered, it is not the obvious gushing from the nostrils, but rather lacking the words to say what you mean, nervousness, or stress.

During one of my weekend excursions i encountered a young college student who approached me with the hopes of collecting a donation for a fund that would help students afford classes.  In exchange for the donation she was offering religious cards with some saint on them.  While she was explaining the purpose of the cause, she stumbled over words, like a starstruck beauty contestant who can’t remember her speech but ploughs forward regardless of whether or not it makes sense.

She paused frequently, laughing off her mistakes, apologizing, saying her nose was bleeding.  I applauded her gumption by giving her what change i had, politely refusing the religious raffle prize.  She seemed just as excited to find a donor despite her failed speech as i was about her using the phrase.  Had i not known what the phrase meant, i probably would have stared at her blankly, stuck on trying to figure out what she could possibly be talking about.  Her faltering ending up being my delight!


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