Posted by: neblinoso | November 15, 2009

Karaoke Whirlwind

I had my first karaoke experience here in Manila on Friday after work.  The company was having a party in celebration of our site winning a Halloween contest for best program/decor.  It was held at an open-air resto down by Manila Bay. 

Part of the program included a karaoke contest and i volunteered to represent one of the US trainers group.  I arrived late as i’d joined a group from the office to attend a teammate’s father’s wake once our shift was over.  

As we walked down the sidewalk towards our reserved area,  Jing came up to me telling me it was time to sing as the rest of the contestants had already gone and they’d been waiting for me. “Can i get a drink, first?” i asked.  Within a minute i was handed a beer and directed on stage.  i chose a Madonna favorite, Like A Prayer, from the book and had a few minutes to grab a bite of dinner (two bites to be exact) before they called me back to sing. 

I love singing, but i’ve never considered myself much of a performer.  Even when i karaoke back home, i just go up there, sing and sit down. It’s much easier to sing to people you don’t know who are only half paying attention, versus a whole room full of people who are watching you, whooping and hollering and singing along with you.  I was a little nervous, but had a lot of fun.

As i walked back to my seat to hopefully grab another bite of dinner, they called all the contestants back up on stage to vote for a winner.  Our site officer had the duty of determining which applause was the loudest as this would denote the TR Legal Idol winner.  I made it to the top three and after another round of cheering found myself in the top two.  Yet another round of loud applause and i was announced winner!  I was shocked by this as i had clearly thought Adrian’s cheers were louder. 

There were cheers for an encore, so i chose Stand By Me and stumbled through it poorly.  When i finally left the stage for good, i tried to go back for a few more forkfuls of rice, but my ride home was leaving and i was whisked away again.  I don’t think i was there for more than a half-hour. 

I arrived, i sang, i won, and then left.  I sort of feel bad for the young man who took second.  From what i hear, he was a wonderful singer and a much better performer than i.  Everything happened so quickly.  I didn’t even get a chance to take any pictures. 

I wonder if this is how real singers feel, traveling from city to city, putting on a show, then taking off right afterwards to make it the next destination?  One night was exhausting…i can’t imagine doing that for several months straight.



  1. my dear alli,
    what a fun time for you to get to sing AND WIN!!!
    you have a beautiful voice and they made the right choice to pick you.
    i will try to give you a call tuesday. very very busy
    too. love mama b

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