Posted by: neblinoso | November 16, 2009

Poker in the Dark

Every Friday, Laura has been hosting poker games in her room.  These are not your typical texas hold’em style games, but a more simplified version.  The buy-in is a mere 50 pesos and the chips are divvied up evenly among players and have no monetary value. 

Due to the after work party, there was a smaller crowd, but it was just as rowdy!  We munched on chips, soda and peanut m&ms.  Games have been known to last until 3AM or later, however, this night, our poker night was interrupted by a power outage. 

We were expecting this, as the hotel staff posted notices and left flyers in our rooms.  They were doing some work and had to shut down the power between 2-4AM.  As two o’clock neared we prepared ourselves for the oncoming darkness.  Steve was kind enough to lend us a candle in order to continuing playing. 

We braced ourselves at two, but nothing happened.  Apparently this schedule was subject to Filipino time.  At about quarter after two, we were plunged into darkness.  We lit the candle and finished out the round.  Most people left after that hand, however, there were a few die-hard players who decided to find an area to play one more game.

The business center was supposed to be open during the power outage, claiming to provide “light snacks”.  We found this particular wording amusing given the blackout.  We gathered the chips and made our way through the dark to the business center on the 7th floor.  A board room was available and the remaining four, Laura, myself, Ced and Eric set up the last game. 

We discovered the “light snacks” happened to be water and a variety of cookies–peanut butter and chocolate walnut.  A very tasty snack indeed.  The round involved many three-favored hands, of which i quickly realized to fold as they were not working for me. After an impressive comeback by Eric, the final hand was between Laura, Eric and I.  Laura probably had the most chips…she usually does, and Eric and i were near even. 

The flop–three fours.  Laura went all in and Eric did the same.  I had one Ace, so i thought, why not take a chance.  I may get a full house and another Ace would beat any other pair.  We all flipped our cards over.  “Come on Ace!” I said.  Laura flipped her hand over–an Ace pair.  Ugh!  And then Eric flipped his over, mimicking my plead for an Ace.  He also had one Ace.  We looked at each other realizing that Laura was going to win yet another game.  Not even a power outage affects her luck.


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