Posted by: neblinoso | November 17, 2009

Arcade Afternoon

IMG_4243I met up with Rico and Donna on Saturday for some shopping gaga, arcade playtime and shabu shabu.  We headed to Robinson’s Place mall and started off with a crepe ice cream treat.  The crepes are made in front of you, then rolled and filled with your selection.  I chose mango, which was mango ice cream, whipped cream, shaved almonds and mango pieces on top.  I’m really going to miss all the mango foods.

We wandered around the mall, which was pretty packed.  Not only was it a payday weekend, but there were also tons of sales going on in anticipation of Christmas. 

IMG_4248We stopped to play the lotto, cuz hey, you never know.  As they say, you have to play to win.  I didn’t win, but my lucky number 23 was picked in the Monday drawing, so that was somewhat rewarding.

After browsing a few stores we wound up in the arcade.  First, we took turns shooting hoops.  Rico and Donna were very good and were able to advance to the second round.  I ended up one point shy of progressing to the next level.  IMG_4252Next, we used our eagle eyes to spot differences between similar pics in one of the trivia style games.  Once we’d made it through as many rounds as we could, we moved on to one of my favorite arcade games…racing. 

We chose our souped-up rides and hit the track.  It usually takes me a couple rounds before i get used to handling the car.  The first three laps i was all over the place, hurtling forward in a diagonal pattern, each crash against the wall sending me reeling in the opposite direction.  As i headed into a tunnel, i ran point-blank into an oncoming car and surprisingly scored some trick bonus points as i flipped over and landed upright.

When our race was over, Rico convinced Donna and i to play DDR.  We had to wait as there were two girls currently occupying the stage and some guys in front of us.  IMG_4268During our wait, Donna and i played a FPS game in which various oversized bugs attacked us as we drove through a jungle.  Sadly, i was attacked and killed by a giant dragon-fly and Donna was left to hold her own.

Once it was our turn to dance it up, we agreed to play the basic level as we were no DDR experts.  It took me a few songs before i got into the rhythm and had more “good” scores than “boos”.  I don’t need a machine to constantly boo me in big red letters every time i miss a step, then have the nerve to tally up the boos and highlight them at the end. It’s bad enough that i can’t dance on my own, let alone with the foot moves scrolling right in front of me.  Loving the sport and having a competitive nature unfortunately does not always make you a good player.  But i had fun!  Rico took some videos of us, which i’ll post at some point.


An arcade can work up your appetite.  We chose to squelch it with another visit to Lau Chan’s, the shabu shabu (hot-pot) resto we ate at about a month earlier.  I’m going to miss this place as well.  There were no blackouts to IMG_4284interrupt our dinner this time though.  We did occasionally stop to catch our breath before diving back in to the tummy-filling feast.

At the end of the night we opted to see the new 2012 movie opening that weekend.  Little did we realize that most of the shows were sold out.  By the time we’d waited in line for tickets, the 9, 10:30 and 11PM shows were out of seats.  The only time slot left was 12:15AM.  We bought tickets and headed back to my room for some coffee and a quick nap.

The film was wow.  I think i breathed all of 15 minutes of the two and a half hour suspenseful film.  The special effects were astonishing.  Though there were some unbelievably lucky breaks for the main characters, this somehow seemed to tie in to the film’s not-so-subliminal message on nature’s often exclusive selection process.

If something like this is really in our future, i hope i am not around to witness it.  I can’t imagine the earth will be around forever.  Like all organisms, it will eventually reach an end.  What is born from the ashes can only serve as a new beginning.  Hopefully one in which the inhabitants care more about how they treat not only their environment but each other as well.



  1. alli,
    i’m not sure about the movie, but sounds like your friends are a good example of treating each other well. we will have to find a shabu shabu in clev.
    i had a great meal in china too(hot pot).
    talk to you soon. love and sweet times, mama b

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