Posted by: neblinoso | November 18, 2009


Throughout my stay, i’ve been taking pictures of signs and newspaper articles i find amusing.  Nothing i’ve come across has been nearly as funny as the signs and wording i saw when i visited China last year.  This country has a much better grasp of the English language.  Though there are still some phrases people have a hard time translating into English, these examples have their own transliterating interpretation . . . .

I’m not sure i want food that has been enhanced with a bionic formula. Does this mean that along with the other thigh bones and chicken pieces, there may also be some mechanical parts? 

I have not experienced the scary thrills of being behind the wheel, but having spent plenty of time stuck in traffic, i find this sign mildly taunting:

One of the lessons i learned as an editor for my college newspaper, was never have a picture under a photo that didn’t relate to that story.  We were relentlessly taught to be aware of article and photo placement.  The Inquirer does not hold to these same standards.  I’ve browsed many headlines, front page even, that have nothing to do with the pictures around it.

This must be Oscar the Grouch’s Filipino cousin’s home:

It think this means the spot is handicapped, in that it is unable to function like a normal parking spot, rather than being a place for a handicapped person to park.

And here, there’s just a parking protest going on, although it’s easy to see which side has more money backing its cause:

I’m curious about what products qualify as fabulous and which ones are just general:

This photo was on an ice cream-like truck, but that boy looks only slightly excited and mostly afraid about whatever that girl’s doing behind him:



  1. How about the MILF headline on the newspaper. I’d hate to run into a woman who can slam a hurricane! Mother or no mother!


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