Posted by: neblinoso | November 20, 2009

Pillow Talk

Each day when i return back to my room, i plop my bags down and walk over to the couch to check out how the pillows are arranged.  Then i skip to my room, eager to see the bed’s pillow composition. 

I don’t know if the same person cleans my room each day, but occasionally, they will get creative and place the pillows in various artistic positions.  Or maybe it’s just one person, who every now and then fills in for someone and has taken it upon him/herself to discard the traditional pillow arranging methods, livening up pillow appreciates from all over the country who make the Ascott their temporary home. 

Or better yet, maybe there’s a specific person just in charge of pillows . . . or a whole crew devoted to creative pillow disbursement.   There would be a director, the one with a vision for the perfect pillow placement.  A group of handlers, wearing proper gloves, to bring in the pillows and make sure minimal damage is done during their placement.  A lighting crew to ensure the blinds are adjusted in a such a way to maximum pillow illumination.  And, of course, a fluffer.

If i was a maid and had to make up the beds and tidy the living rooms every day, i would arrange the pillows in a different way each day, just to keep my job interesting and hopefully make the residents just as excited about coming home as i am each night.

Here are some of the various pillow arrangements:


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