Posted by: neblinoso | November 22, 2009

Bar Hopping

Friday night a few of us went out for a stress relieving drinking session after work.  We began the night with a pre-drink drink in my room – vodka and cran.  Then we headed to Greenbelt, where most of the night life crowd gathered.

We started off at Ice, a vodka bar that featured mounds of ice-covered taps up at the bar.  Music blared from the dj in the corner of the room and unless you were a lip reader, shouting was the only way to have a conversation.  Perched on stools at a table near the entrance, we shared an electric blue drink called blue sky.  I’m not sure what was in it–besides vodka–but it had a bubblegum taste to it.

We left when the drink was nothing more than melting ice and wandered around the heavily expat cluttered restsos, weaving in an out of tables.  Many of the bars were packed inside with more loud music, so we chose an outside table at Spicy Fingers.

The drink choices gave us plenty to joke about for the rest of the evening as we convinced Jing to order Multiple Orgasms while Rico had Sex on the Beach.  I think the funniest part was when Jing ordered her drink, looking timidly up to our waitress and requesting her desired beverage choice.  The MO drink was very similar to a white russian, with something else i couldn’t discern.  What an arousing combination of drinks!  We ordered some appetizers to placate our growing hunger and spent the night covering various topics from work to first impressions of each other’s country.   

I am still amazed at how easily i fit in here versus back home.   Before meeting anyone from the Philippines, i didn’t know anyone who shared the same joy for life, positive attitude and love of music and silly photo ops.  I’m going to have to readjust to being American again, and i’m not really looking forward to that. 

Still hungry, we crammed into a taxi and headed to the Malati area for some breakfast food at Aristocrats.  We feasted on rice, chicken adobo, fried calamari and hototai (soup).  Rico ordered some sort of hot beverage with liquid sugar that came in a tiny beer mug shaped shot glass that we all thought was cute, along with Jennifer’s tiny toast.

Stuffed, we piled into another taxi that took us back to the hotel. Nothing beats a night hanging out with friends!  Life is going to be so boring without them.


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