Posted by: neblinoso | November 26, 2009

National Museum

Another activity i’ve been wanting to do since arriving was visit some museums.  After our journey to the bamboo organ, Rico, Jen and I went to the National Museum in Manila.

The National Museum consists of two separate buildings, the first of which housed mostly archeological relics.   It was different from other museums i’ve been to in that each exhibit was in a separate room off a long corridor.  Most museums in the States and Europe lead you through multiple rooms, or have some sort of connective maze bridging all the exhibits together.

Rico told me that many Filipinos are not museum goers, unlike Americans which he observed loved museums.  I asked if that meant Filipinos were not interested in preserving their culture, and he explained many locals feel they don’t have their own culture as the archipelago has been under rule by multiple countries, all which have their own influence. However, this is how most cultures are formed, spitting out traditions and relics of the current occupying force.  I imagine this is how some Native Americans feel as their lands were stolen by various other countries. 

I found some of the animal skeletons the most interesting.  There were chickens, frogs, birds, a sperm whale and even a snake skeleton.  I never realized that a snake even had bones, I just thought it was all muscle.  I guess i need to go back to biology…if that’s even the right science.  This is why i stuck with english and literature courses.

The student exhibits were also engaging and incorporated the most modern art forms.  One featured a horse with the shadow of a boy riding it against the wall, however there was no boy on the actual horse.  I thought it must be a gobo on one of the lights until Jen pointed out that the “shadow” was actually painted on the wall.  Ingenious!  And a spectacular effect.


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