Posted by: neblinoso | November 27, 2009


In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, i thought i would dedicate a blog to list a few of the things i am thankful for:

  1. The opportunity to work in another country.  This experience has taught me light-years more than i ever dreamed possible. 
  2. All five senses . . .  and even that 6th one that creeps out every now and then.
  3. Family and friends.  I can always count on them for solace, laughter and support.
  4. Yerba Maté tea.  With a little honey, it has magical healing properties.
  5. Music.  It soothes my soul and expresses my feelings when words aren’t enough.
  6. Popcorn.  It’s been a staple food ever since my dad taught me how to make it on the stove top.
  7. My health.  Despite my clumsy nature, i’ve managed to lead a pretty healthy life.
  8. Bandanas.  They’ve become my trademark sweat stoppers.  Who wants a bunch of sweat dripping in their eyes?  Not me…and i can do some serious sweating.
  9.  I will never tire of strong bad e-mails.
  10. Right here, right now.  Though change can ultimately never be avoided, I am pleasantly content with life, and i don’t know how much longer that’s going to last.

There is an umpteen amount of things i am thankful for, and i could never list them all.  I do believe it’s important to be reminded how good life can be when you focus on the positive.



  1. allison,
    i’m thankful to the LORD for you!…
    so many wonderful things to be blessed with by our
    faithful and magnificent GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    there are lots of stories of family i can’t wait to tell you about.
    i’m happy that we are friends, and you can still call me always, mama b

  2. We went to see the local basketball team (I won’t call them professional …) last week and one of the goofy things they had someone in the audience (not going to call it a crowd either!) was to write 50 things of what he was thankful for. After a few minutes we all decided that it would not be hard to come up with 50.
    Glad you are having fun! I am interesting in reading about Boracay!

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