Posted by: neblinoso | December 2, 2009

Boracay Beach Blowout

My trip to Boracay over the long weekend was a blast!  I’d been looking forward to this beach vacation for a long time.  Though i returned home with a sinus infection and a hacking cough, i wouldn’t have done anything differently.

We set off early Friday morning, not realizing how many modes of transportation we would be taking before actually arriving at our hotel on the island.  From the hotel we took a van to the airport, then we took a plane to Roxas, located in the Capiz province of the Visayans.  Upon arriving at the airport, we then took another van to the Kalibo airport where we had a quick lunch before taking a bus to the port.  Here we took a short ferry ride (in which i almost lost my flops from slipping down the stairs) to Boracay and then another van to our hotel. 

We arrived around dinner time, freshened up with showers and headed to the beach to catch the sunset.  The white sandy beach was remarkable. 
The horizon was dotted with various boats that looked like shadows under the remaining sun’s orange glow.

We walked along the sandy path check out the small stores, bars and restos.  The main drag was split into three “stations” and our hotel was towards the end of station 2.  We chose to have dinner at the Hobbit House, so now i’ve been to the one in Malati and on Boracay!  Afterwards we went back to the hotel to have a drink by the pool bar, however, our stay was extended when it began to pour.  The rain let up after an hour or so and we headed back out to find a bar.

We ended up at Hey, Jude and after finding a table outside the bar on the sand, we had to abandon our table when it began to rain some more.  Since there no vacant tables, Jing asked a  man if we could join him at his table, since he was sitting alone.  We talked with him for a while and later realized that some of us thought he said his name was Nathan, while others heard David.  This discrepancy landed him the name 227, after his room number, which we learned when we found out we were staying in the same hotel. 

He had another beer with us before heading back to his room.  Shortly after he left we started dancing.  I have to claim that our group was solely responsible for starting the whole bar dancing to the djs tunes.  I think once they saw how much fun we were having (and probably how silly we looked) they realized they couldn’t do any worse.  🙂 

Sweaty and danced out, we headed back to the hotel where i challenged Jing and Shannon to jump into the pool with me, which we did.  My clothes were already drenched in sweat, so it was a nice way to cool off.  We also did this Saturday night.  I think this is why i got a sinus infection, but it was still fun.

Saturday we did island hopping, stopping on the way there and back to snorkel, although there weren’t very many fish to look at.  My life jacket was not cooperating with me and ironically was trying to strangle me rather than function as a life saving device.  The second time around i opted to just hang on to the boat and float in the water, occasionally doing some acrobatic moves for the sake of photos.

One of the island’s we visited had several caves to explore.  A guide took us along the zigzaggy paths that lead to each cave and in between offered spectacular views of the island.  One of the caves, you had to wade through a small pool and then crawl or squat really low in order to get through to the other side.

Back on Boracay we lunched at Mañana, a mexican resto, where i had a gigantic mango shake.  I probably had 10-15 mango shakes this past weekend.  They are sooooo good and my time left is growing short, so i want to enjoy them as much as i can.

You can’t walk along the beach without getting haggled for something, whether it’s sunglasses, day trips, jewelry or a massage.  One place in particular had about four to five women who, every time we walked by, said in unison, “Hi sir, ma’am, massage. Try it.”  We were actually disappointed when we walked by late at night after they’d closed and didn’t hear it, however, Rico recorded their “song” and promptly played it as we passed.

I was exhausted after lunch and went back to the hotel to shower and lay by the pool before meeting up with the rest of the group to have shakes on the beach and watch the sunset.  We took a motorized tricycle via the main road to Jonah’s, near the start of Station 1, and ordered peanut butter banana chocolate shakes as recommended by Rico.  We missed the sunset, but the shakes were still yummy! 

We took time wandering back down the stretch and decided on greek food for dinner at Cyma’s.  Some of the other patron’s ordered certain dishes that when brought out by the waitresses, was followed by a loud “Opa”!  This startled several of us during the course of our dinner, but certainly kept our dining experience entertaining.

After dinner we strolled through Station 3, which was nearly deserted compared to the other stations.  This area had cheaper lodgings, like hostels, which is probably where i’d stay, if i came back on my own.  We ended the night by doing some more bar hopping, playing truth or dare at one place and dancing at another.

I woke up Sunday feeling sore and tired.  We had a relaxing day and didn’t do anything too extravagant.  In the morning we took a banana boat ride, which is this huge banana-shaped inflated raft that you sit on whilst being pulled along by a speed boat.  Apparently they used to purposefully flip people off, but i guess there was some “incident” and they made a rule not to anymore.  This saddened me as i was hoping to go sailing through the air into the sea.  One person always has to ruin it for everyone.  ;P  I did almost fly off towards the end though.  We were coming to a stop and the boat took a hard right, jostling me enough to slip off the side.  I still hung on though, but it did catch me by surprise.

For some reason, i got a ton of comments about my tattoo on Sunday.  There were so many places you could get a henna tattoo, and many of the vendors remarked at how good it looked.  One guy shouted “mafia” at me as i walked by, as tattoos were used as gang symbols.  After another man said the same thing, i told him he’d better watch out and he started singing santa clause is coming to town, which begins, you better watch out, you better not cry . . . .

Since i was feeling sore and tired, i opted to get a massage on the beach, as they were offering one hour sessions for P350 (7.50 USD).  You can’t pass up a deal like that, plus it was right on the beach in the shade with a breeze blowing.  Wow, those small women have powerful hands!  I have bruises on my leg from where she was massaging me.  Don’t get me wrong, i thoroughly enjoyed it, i was just surprised by how strong she was.

After that i was pretty much useless.  I stumbled back to the hotel to take a nap, but was unable to sleep to do my oncoming sinus problems.  I joined the rest of the gang for another sunset watch and then we freshened up for dinner.

The resto we had dinner had multiple menus, serving seafood, to american, to chinese, to Thai.  I chose something spicy from the Thai menu in hopes it would help my clear my sinuses.  Shelly, Jing and Rico chose seafood items, which they got to pick out themselves.

Afterwards we headed to Station 3, stopping at Charley’s for a drink.  We sought out this specific bar after hearing about it from the blueberry man we met at lunch.  I call him the blueberry man, cuz he kept telling us about his blueberry crops and all the places he’d been to with blueberries.  He’s originally from Spain but has been retired in Boracay for several years and owns a few small resorts.  He recommended this as the best bar on the island, but we later realized he probably said that cuz he played drums and sang there as well.

Here we observed some of the local “working women” trying to obtain some business for the evening.  Though it is illegal, i have never witnessed such open and obvious prostitution.  I mean, there was one guy with three women sitting around him until he made his selection and walked off with her.  Weirdly, we kept running into one of the rejected girls throughout the rest of the night, though she had changed her outfit. 

From Charley’s we went to the treehouse.  We’d passed it the night before and it looked so cool i was interested in returning to check it out.  It was like being in the home of Swiss Family Robinson.  You had to walk up a windy staircase to get to the first level and then it branched off from there into various other nooks.  We choose the loft and sat on cushions on the floor. After ordering drinks, Shelly, Shannon and I left barefooted to go explore the rest of the treehouse.

When we returned to our rooms after leaving the Treehouse, which closed at midnight, i was finally feeling unsinusy and still felt like going out, especially as it was our last night.  Jing, Rico and I decided to head back to Hey, Jude and rekindle the dancing flame.  We danced around our table playing follow the leader and once again got the rest of the bar up and moving.  One table even commented how we were non-stop.  I don’t even know where i found all that energy, but i have a hard time standing still when there’s music in the air. 

I really hope i get the chance to return to Boracay.  My expectations were far exceeded and i have so many great memories.


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