Posted by: neblinoso | December 3, 2009

Music Video Encore

I’ve noticed that many television programs end with about five to ten minutes remaining in the hour.  This time is often filled with a popular mainstream music video, or even a local video.  I find this much more entertaining than spending the time watching commercials, although i am pretty sick of hearing Kelly Clarkson’s “Already Gone”.  When i first heard the song, i liked it, but after so many times, you start to think about how you’d rather enjoy having your skin slowly peeled off layer by layer and subjected to hot irons.

One of the most popular songs here is called “Nobody” by the Wonder Girls, who are from S. Korea.  They’re like an asian version of the Spice Girls.  There’s only one phrase i understand from the song (nobody, nobody but you [clap, clap]) but it’s quite catchy.  I’ve heard it just about every ride into work and also being hummed by coworkers who must have LSS.

Pop music seems to be the most prevailing music genre here.  It’s even mixed in with Christmas songs, which is a really strange combination to me.  Just imagine Lady Gaga’s Poker Face mashed with Silent Night.  As much as i enjoy both Christmas carols and a good, dancey pop tune, it just doesn’t seem right to fuse them together.  One thing remains true, though, this culture is unceasingly determined to have a good time in all aspects of life.


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