Posted by: neblinoso | December 6, 2009

The Karaoke Kids

Being my last Friday here [tear], my team decided to go out after work and enjoy some team-building, karaoke fun.  We went to a place called Redbox.  It cost P400 ($8) per person and that included two drinks each. 

This type of karaoke was quite different from anything i’ve done before.   Instead of choosing a song from a book and then waiting in a long queue until your name is finally called to sing in front of whomever is in attendance, this establishment had individual rooms, each equiped with a tv and mics, and long comfy couches.  You select a song, sit back and sing to your friends.  Or, like what we often did, pick out a song and all sing along.  You can also play music videos to watch or sing with as well.   i don’t think i’ve ever sang karaoke sitting down, so that was a new experience.

We started off singing individually and then it gradually became more like a free-for-all.  I really enjoyed singing as a group…and also dancing to some of the songs.  We must have played the “Nobody” video at least three or four times and each time i caught on to a little more of the dance.  There were a variety of songs from English, to Filipino, to Chinese. 

Esther entertained us with her talented undulating voice by alternating between male and female parts, while Jeff showed us some of her dance moves.  I was surprised by Mariz, who is normally pretty quite at work, but has a colossal set of pipes.  You go girl!  Russell cracked me up with his dancing

Some of the videos to the songs were so hilarious, we stopped singing altogether and just made fun of the video, which never had anything to do with the song.  Most of the them featured some girl posing for the camera, who looked like she was trying to be a model and failed miserably.  Many of the locations were malls, and these girls, or a group of girls, would be dancing on the fountain or trying to walk seductively through the mall, picking up a things along the way, like a stuffed koala bear, and looking back coyly at the following camera.  Or it would be a video of a park scene – people walking by, ducks, just plain scenery filler, i guess.

All in all, it was a fun night, though by the end i was close to losing my voice.  Too much fun, perhaps?


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