Posted by: neblinoso | December 9, 2009


I’ve mentioned this place in several of my blogs, but it is such a wonderful place it deserves its own personal mention.  I think my sister would appreciate this place the most as she is usually the one who eats more bread than meal.

Several weeks ago, horror struck the big city life of Ascott residents.  BreadTalk closed down.  I didn’t know this was going to happen or else I would have stocked up on as many bread creations as i could carry back to my room.  One day i was happily plucking out my favorite breads from their sterile tray homes and the next, it was boarded up with the promise of a bigger and better BreadTalk to come. 

A sign on the old glass window assured customers that during the expansion, they could find their favorites at another location.  I went once.  There was a small version in the supermarket portion of the Landmark department store, but it just wasn’t the same.  For some reason a bakery inside the grocery just doesn’t have the same ambience as a singular store of baked goods.  It doesn’t have that same fresh-out-of-the-oven smell either.

Saturday night i went to see Ninja Assassins in Glorietta 4.  As we passed BreadTalk to take the escalators to the 4th level, we noticed a commotion going on.  The metal grate that is pulled down for closing was partially raised to about mid-calf.  Lights were on, and we could see an array of orange and white balloons floating around the floor as people shuffled around them.  I looked excitedly at Frances and hoped out loud that this meant they would be reopening before i left.

Sunday i went out to run some errands and sure enough, the BreadTalk sign was lit up and filled with balloon fixtures.  The kitchen was now completely open behind the rows of fresh-baked goods, which had been arranged in a more spacious pattern so as to accommodate the crowds.

I mentally rearranged my errand list so i would end up walking by again on my way back to the hotel.  When i returned, i quickly found one of my favorites, veggie pizza on wheat bread.  These are some of the other tasty treats i’ve had at BreadTalk:



  1. Astig! Breads do really talk here. 🙂

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