Posted by: neblinoso | December 10, 2009

A Filipino Christmas

tree in hotel lobby


There has been christmas decorations all around the city since the end of October.  They really go all out when it comes to decorating.  Not only do the stores in the mall have their own holiday adornment, but the buildings and streets are also heavily decorated with all sorts of christmas icons.  

I haven’t been in much of a christmas mood lately.  I recently found out though that my parents will be coming up to Cleveland for the holidays.  Yeah!!!  The closer i get to coming home, the more excited i am for time to spend with family and friends and celebrate that we at least have each other, even if the oncoming new year means hardship.  

My sister and i have decided to go ahead with our chocolate-making day though money is tight.  I like coming up with new foods to dip in chocolate.  Most salty foods taste pretty good chocolate-covered.  Lately, i’ve heard of chocolate-covered bacon.  I’m not sure how that would taste.  Maybe i should try it this year.  One year a friend asked me to try doing a chocolate covered Twinkie….as if the Twinkie itself wasn’t sweet enough!  

Growing up we used to have a cookie-baking day with my mom, who’d make the dough, roll it out and use cookie cutters to get shapes like christmas trees, angels, stars, candy canes and stockings.  My sister and i were in charge of frosting and decorating the cookies.   I always enjoyed that job cuz if a cookie broke during creative construction, it was yours to eat!  

I’m not much for festooning my house with christmas cheer either.  I usually put up the small ceramic tree my mom made for me back during her pottery days.  And i always look forward to putting my flannel reindeer sheets on the bed.   

It’s hard to avoid the christmas spirit here when everywhere you look is a reminder of the upcoming holiday.  A block down from our hotel is Rustan’s department store.  They have beautiful window displays with the theme, “One World, One Christmas”.  A country is represented in each window.  

Check out more of the holiday decorations around the city!



  1. New year celebration here is a “Bang”!.. Literally. I think Philippines is next to China when it comes to fireworks stuffs. 90% of the village are having a bang on the 12 midnight of December 31st.

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