Posted by: neblinoso | December 10, 2009

Moving Out

My time here in the Philippines is quickly coming to an end.  In two days, i will be back home, slowly adjusting to a life that seems so far away.  It feels like i’m moving out versus packing my belongings back into my suitcase and going home.  There are so many reasons why i don’t want to go home, but at the same time, i’ve been longing to see my friends and family. 

There will be many things about the Philippines i will miss terribly like all the food, especially lumpia, squid balls, and all things mango, random singing in the office from coworkers,  housekeeping and the friendliness of everyone.  But what i’ll miss most is the companionship of those i’ve become close with.  It’s been a long time since i’ve had a person in my life to hang out with all the time.   I have so many different circles of friends back home that it’s tough sometimes to even see people once a month cuz they all have their own lives, or they’re scattered across the States and i’m lucky to even see them once a year.  The people here have given up their weekends and free time to take me sightseeing, to movies, shopping, everywhere.  I can never repay them and only hope they know just how much i’ve appreciated and will miss them.

In returning home i will be forced back into my own personal dramas, forced to face the reality that my job will be gone by next year, forced to decide on a new life path.  I know this is unavoidable and when looked at optimistically means a better life is in store.  I hope this experience will serve to enhance my future endeavours as it has done so in the present. 

I feel like this has been a sort of extended camp experience.  Sent away to a remote location, meeting new people who develop into life-long friendships, people with whom you’ve shared the most exciting and heart-wrenching times.  I even jumped in a pool after hours, just like i did once at church camp.  The typical campfire songs have turned into pop hits, like “Nobody”  and instead of a counselor to put their arm around you and comfort you when the boy you’ve been crushing on all week ends up with another girl, i have superior colleagues, who offer to listen to you and open their doors when you need to talk about bad news you’ve just heard.

The moment i arrive home, this experience will turn into a memory instead of my day-to-day life.  Granted, it will be a memory i will never forget and that will always make me smile when i think about it.  I hope in some small way i was able to impact those who have touched my life so deeply.



  1. dear allison,
    it will be so good to see you!!!
    maybe i can help you get a few things at the store and get you settled in. do you need a ride from the airport? i’m not sure what day it really will be. cause you will gain a few hours.
    things will be different, but that could be a good thing too. you’ll have friends all over the world to enjoy writing to. love,mama b
    p.s. the manger photo with you looked so radiant.

    • Thanks Mama B. My sister is picking me up at the airport. If all goes well, i should land around 3PM on Friday. Don’t know if the weather will impact my arrival, but i will be going back to my sister’s to get my car before coming home.

      I’ll call you when i get back home. Can’t wait to see you!

  2. your experience here will always be a part who you are. they will somehow define/describe the “Allie” to her family and friends.

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