Posted by: neblinoso | December 13, 2009

Best of the Best

Prior to leaving, so many people asked me what i liked best about the Philippines, what foods i would miss most, what was my favorite memory, etc.  So i decided to post some of my best ofs and top 10 lists:

Best Trip Song:  I’ve Gotta Feeling (that tonight’s gonna be a good night…) – Black Eyed Peas

Best New Song/Video: Nobody – Wonder Girls

Best Drink: mango shakes

Best Drink Name: M.O.

Top 10 Best Foods:

  1. mangos
  2. squid balls
  3. lumpia
  4. sisig
  5. adobo
  6. lanzones
  7. halo halo
  8. milkfish
  9. hototai soup
  10. karioka

Top 5 Worst Foods:

  1. balut
  2. tripe
  3. shrimp paste
  4. fish chips
  5. dried fish snacks

It was hard to even come up with these five as i enjoyed nearly everything i tried.

Most Interesting Food: Dinuguan (pigs blood)

Top 5 Things I’ll Miss Most (besides the people):

  1. housekeeping
  2. a driver
  3. water dispenser
  4. BreadTalk
  5. being able to walk everywhere

Most Memorable Moment: dancing in Boracay

Best Educational Touristy Trip: Intramuros

Top 10 Most Fun Times:

  1. Butt spelling
  2. Pool jumping
  3. Filipino cooking day
  4. Cultural dancing
  5. DDRing
  6. Dining at Lau Chans
  7. Boracay
  8. Charades/Rum night
  9. Ziplining
  10. Poker nights

Top 5 Things I Learned about the Culture:

  1. Being on time depends on traffic
  2. A nod or “yes” does not always mean yes
  3. A baking business would do very well there
  4. You have to flag down your waiter if you want service
  5. Above all, Filipinos are always positive and like to have a good time

Let me know if there’s any other best ofs or top 5/10 things you’d like me to list and I’ll add them to this post.


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