Posted by: neblinoso | December 13, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I have arrived home safely.  My trip went relatively smoothly except for an amusing effort by the airline staff to prevent massive dripping inside the cabin in Tokyo. 

I have no explanation as to how this would happen, but when i arrived in Tokyo, it was a down pour, and when we got on the plane, the overhead compartments were dripping on people’s seats and heads.  The stewards tried taping stacks of napkins and paper towels over the areas, but as soon as those soaked up enough water, they began dripping. 

Seat cushions had to be replaced and baggage  moved to other overhead bins.  We ended up leaving 45 minutes late because of this and when we did finally take off, all that water went sliding to the back and got even more people wet, including myself.  I used the blanket they gave us to hide under during takeoff.  Opposite me there was a row who had to do the same thing, but their blanket got a lot more soaked than mine.

All in all the time went by relatively quickly.  I attribute this solely to the fact that i was flying business class, which is much more comfortable than coach.  And as far as i can tell, nothing was broken or damaged in my luggage.  I thought maybe some of the bags of snacks i brought home would pop, but instead they seemed fill with more air.  One bag of Grin Peas did bust open and a few escaped, but other than that, i guess i packed well. 

The first thing i did when i got home was give lots of pets to Gabby.  She was waiting for my at the door with a parade of meows, flopping on the floor and rolling around as i scratched her belly.   We played string for a while until she was disinterested.

I made some attempt at unpacking, but it was too overwhelming and did most of it Saturday morning when i got up.  It took me nearly an hour to go through the box of mail that was collected during my absence, and when i was done, Gabby immediately jumped in to check it out.

It does feel good to be home, even though I do miss my Filipino friends already.  Soon i will rejoin them for another month of adventure before truly saying good-bye, which I’m going to avoid thinking too much about until the time comes.

Can’t wait to see everyone!


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